BuzzBGone Zap in Azerbaijan

If your home got invaded by annoying mosquitos – get rid of them fast with BuzzBGone Zap!

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If you’re familiar with insect zappers, then you probably heard of BuzzBGone. Their insect zappers are known to be relatively humane, effective, and safe to keep at home. The company even further improved and is now able to present you with a new generation bug zapper – BuzzBGone Zap! This stylish and small device will effectively rid your personal space from mosquitos, without losing any of the safety features that made its predecessors so famous. So, if you’ve been bothered by those blood-sucking creatures, then there’s no better solution than BuzzBGone!


BuzzBGone Zap is very easy to use and can be kept at home or office. It is scentless, so already a much better solution than stinky insect repellents. You can either stand the device on a flat surface or hang it up high – whichever way you prefer. BuzzBGone is simple – all you have to do is charge the device (a green light indicator will let you know once it’s fully charged), then turn the rotary switch till you hear a ‘click’, and the LED light will switch on. The light will attract mosquitos to the electric coil in the center of the device, where they will meet their doom. A double protective grid should prevent people from accidentally getting hurt, but they are wide enough for insects to pass through. Leaving BuzzBGone Zap to operate for at least two hours will effectively rid your personal area of any mosquitoes. Easy and effective!


  • Effective zapper: LED light is extremely attractive to mosquitos, so they will follow the light to just end up zapped by the electric coil, all with no-hassle for you.
  • Rechargeable: you can charge it easily, whenever you can, with a micro-USB charger provided. One charge is enough to last you through the entire day, so you can relax knowing that mosquitos won’t bother you.
  • Portable: place it wherever you like, hook it up high, and even take it with you to hotels or woodland cabins. BuzzBGone is so easy to carry and compact, that you’ll end up taking it everywhere.
  • Easy to use: the controls are uncomplicated and do not require much attention or effort from you. The device is also low maintenance as it includes a brush to clean any debris from the inner coil. Simply empty the bottom shell into the bin and it will be good as new!
  • Affordable: an effective and conveniently portable mosquito zapper can cost quite a bit, but you’ll find BuzzBGone Zap to be quite a bargain.


Absolutely! If you’ve ever been annoyed by mosquitos yet don’t want to keep using the same stinky sprays, then BuzzBGone is the right thing for you. Take it with you on trips or hang it in your porch to avoid mosquitos sneaking in. Place it on your bedside table to not get bitten at night. Or simply have it around to attract unwanted mosquitos in your home. The possibilities are endless, but the result is one – those nasty insects will never bother you again!


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BuzzBGone Zap is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.